Add and run tests

Before every commit you have to run all tests. Every new feature has to have a good test coverage. You should use Test Driven Develpment ( and Acceptance Test Driven Develpment. Acceptance Tests correspondence to user stories ( They use TestBrowser sessions and reside inside the functional tests directory.

Add a new test

``Go to (adhocracy)/src/adhocracy/adhocracy/tests and add you test

Run all tests

In an adhocracy.buildout you have bin/test. Alternatively you can call:

(adhocracy)$ bin/nosetests --with-pylons=src/adhocracy/test.ini src/adhocracy/adhocracy/tests``

Run one test file

(adhocracy)/src/adhocracy/$ ../../bin/nosetest -s adhocracy.tests.test_module

The -s option enables stdout, so you can use pdb/ipdb statements in your code.

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