This is the documentation for the REST interface. Unfortunately it is outdated and parts of the interface may not work anymore.

REST API Conventions

Adhocracy provides a REST-inspired API for client applications to remotely gather or submit data or to synchronize Adhocracy sign-ups and voting processes with other sites.

While at the moment only JSON and RSS is produced and only JSON is processed by the software, future support for other formats, such as XML (i.e. StratML, EML) is planned.

Data Submission

All data submitted is expected to be either URL-encoded (for GET requests) or application/x-www-form-urlencoded (i.e. formatted as an HTML form, for either POST and PUT requests). Accept/Content-type based submission of JSON/XML data will be implemented in a later release.

A meta parameter called _method is evaluated for each request to fake a request method if needed. This is useful for older HTTP libraries or JavaScript clients which cannot actually perform any of the more exotic HTTP methods, such as PUT and DELETE.

Authentication and Security

Authentication can take place either via form-based cookie creation (POST login and password to /perform_login) or via HTTP Basic authentication (i.e. via HTTP headers).

Please note that for any write action using a cookie-based session, the site will expect an additional request parameter, _tok, containing a session ID. This is part of Adhocracy’s CSRF filter and it will not apply to requests made using HTTP Basic authentication. Since the value of _tok is not returned by the API, it is recommended to use HTTP Basic for any API applications.

OAuth-based authorization is planned for a future release and will allow for token-based access to specific resources or operations.

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